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Malaysian Defense Minister: We Will Shoot Wirathu Ships If Dare Attack Aceh

Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, responding to Wirathu threatening to invade Aceh, Wednesday (15/03/2017).

Speaking to reporters at the parliament lobby, Hishammuddin said Malaysia had a special relationship with Indonesia, particularly in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

Hishamuddin said Malaysia would be happy to send their missiles if it detects no ships or planes containing Myanmar monk who wanted to invade Aceh.

"The relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia as siblings. Especially with Aceh. We will not allow any monk who freely pass through the sea of ​​Malaysia, without dealing with our missiles, "he said.

Malaysia confident Monk Wirathu would think up a million times if you want to create chaos in Aceh.

"It does not make sense if the Monk Wirathu dare to Aceh. I am sure he will make his own grave if you dare to get there, "he added, as quoted by The Star.

Malaysian Defence Minister who is still a close relative of Prime Minister Najib Razak added that the history of war in Aceh against the Netherlands is one of the longest wars in the world.

"The courage of the people of Aceh have been recorded in the history of the world. Their resistance to break away from the Dutch colonization is one of the longest wars in the world, "he continued.


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