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Floods in North Sumatra. Dozens of Phyton Snake Attack Residents

Heavy rains triggered Ayumi Batang River overflowed and swept houses on the edge of the river. Flooding was observed in several districts in the City of Mulberry, North Sumatra on Sunday night (26/3). Based on the report of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), flooding, killing five local residents, four inhabitants in the district PSP PSP Hutaimbaru and one in Holland.

Hundreds of residents have been evacuated to safe places such as courts and mosques. Data Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) local name more than 400 people displaced in several villages, such as the Village of Ujung Padang, District PSP South 46 KK, village of Batang Ayumi Zulu, District PSP North 110 lives, and Sub Batunadua, District PSP Batunadua 200 inhabitants ,

Flood impact in six districts in the City of Mulberry, such as the District of North Mulberry, Mulberry South, Southeast Sidimpuan Padang, Hutaimbaru Mulberry, Mulberry Batunadua, and Mulberry Angkola Julu. BPBDs also reported that hundreds of students of SDN 200114/22 Diner Lombang located in District Mulberry closed because schools were damaged and silted.

 Several buildings were damaged and drifting in the district Batunadua Mulberry, Mulberry North, South PSP, Angkola Julu. Total damage in the region include 17 units of houses were damaged, 17 houses were swept away, and the vehicle drifts 7.

"The local government has set up a common dampur at two points on the Sitamian Village, District of South Mulberry, under the Command Post Disaster Emergency Response. In addition, BPBDs has lowered the Quick Response Team to the rescue and evacuation, "said Head of Data, Information and Public Relations BNPB, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.

Meanwhile, according to reports circulating, in addition to bringing mud floods also swept away dozens of giant snakes that had inhabited the riverbanks. Some people also reportedly become victims of these pythons. Until this news was released, there has been no definitive information from the parties involved. (rail)

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